Atlas Traditions!

At Atlas, we have several annual events and periodic happenings that bring our awesome community of families together.

Annual Events:

Back to School Ice Cream Social: September

Pumpkin Patch Meet-up: Early October, Fir Point Farms

Clothing Drive: Mid-November

Winter Concert: Early December

Special Friend/Grandparent Valentine’s Tea Party: February

Spring Clean-Up: April

Spring Concert: May

Graduation & La Kermesse (Carnival): late June

Multnomah Days Parade: August

Periodic Events:

Parents’ Night Out Soirées: Twice monthly, Atlas offers evening childcare services in a fun, relaxed environment. Dinner is served, the children engage in large group games, and a movie is shown in French. These evenings are open to Atlas children, their siblings, and friends in the community. It is not necessary to have had prior French exposure to attend Parents’ Night Out soirées.

Parent Involvement:

 Parents are welcome to visit Atlas Immersion Academy at any time. We welcome parent involvement and encourage you to come in and share your interests, hobbies, and/or culture with all the children. If you do not speak French, we appreciate your willingness to speak a few key phrases (or learn them). If you wish to volunteer in a capacity that would put you in direct contact with the kids on an ongoing basis, we may ask that you attempt to speak in French or show an effort to learn French, so as not to compromise the immersion setting with the children. You would also be required to enroll in the Criminal Registry of Oregon.

Networking and Community Support:

Among our families, we have many small business owners, medical practitioners, event planners, real estate agents, and other professionals who may seek to share their knowledge or expertise with other families in our school community.  We offer our community bulletin board as a place to share what you have to offer others in the form of business cards, flyers, etc.


Here at Atlas, we want our students to learn about our communities needs. We have participated as a school in holding toy drives, clothing drives and MS walks. We are proud to support the needs of our greater community to the best of our ability.

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