Student Profile: Minimum age 16 mos. Mixed ages through 2 ½ years

The Toddler classes are a vibrant part of our school, with several different rooms. Each of our mixed-age toddler classes is comprised of both Early & Older Toddlers, and the classes are balanced for age, gender and temperament, when scheduling allows.


3 full days/week

4 full days/week

5 full days/week




Tuition includes all meals, snacks, diapers, and wipes.

A day in the life of a Toddler at Atlas entails…

  • Greeting teachers and friends with morning songs and rhymes
  • Eating nutritious snacks and meals
  • Learning to use the toilet independently
  • Interacting with friends in pro-social ways
  • Engaging in rich, sensory play
  • Running and playing outside, rain or shine!
  • Practicing fine motor skills through play and practice with manipulative objects
  • Adventure to new and distant lands..

Classes interact with each other throughout the day, however they maintain their “family” feel within each class group, and each group is led by a consistent Lead Teacher and an Assistant.

The ratio in a Toddler classroom is kept at one teacher for every four children (1:4), and the maximum class size is eight children for two teachers.  This ratio meets the state law for children under 24 months, and exceeds the state mandated ratio for all children over 24 months.


The benefits of mixed-age grouping at the toddler level are well-established:
  • Older toddlers benefit in the mixed age setting, learning to care for others and set a “good example” by following teachers’ requests, modelling behavior for younger children, and gaining confidence in their role as “oldest” of the class.  
  • Younger toddlers benefit in the mixed age setting by observing their older peers who are more capable, and striving to acquire the same skills and language abilities of their older peers.

Our curriculum

  • Created “in-house”, rather than pre-packaged, our Lead Teachers spend time preparing our unique curriculum on a daily basis in team teaching cohorts.  
  • Monthly Curriculum is aligned to State Standards for Early childhood and activities are linked to the corresponding standards on the monthly outline.
  • We honor a culture/country each month, often reflected in our teaching or student populations.  The culture is honored through music, cuisine, activities, stories and souvenirs brought in from travels.
  • We choose child-relevant early childhood themes each month (such as “five senses”, “life cycles”, “all about me”, etc.). In addition to learning about other cultures, we take time to follow the kids’ interests in typical childhood themes.  These themes often link to seasonal changes & holidays.
  • Toddlers engage in sensory play on a daily basis, and have fun in their weekly rotating sensory bins!


  •  Children are screened within 45 days of starting at Atlas for evidence of learning or developmental delays.  We use the Ages & Stages Questionnaire for this screening.
  • Regular Assessment takes place three times per year, and Parent-Teacher Conferences happen once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

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