Important Spring Dates & les Anniversaires en Avril!

Our favorite end-of-year traditions at Atlas are just around the corner! Please take careful note of the following events and dates, as we are changing the format a bit for some of the events. International Potluck (rescheduled) for the week of “la Francophonie”: Sunday, April 10th 5-7pm, Atlas Gabriel Park Gym:

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les Anniversaires en Mars & International Potluck, March 13th!

Leo aura 2 ans le 7 mars!! (les Koalas) Audrey aura 4 ans le 9 mars!! (les Tigres) Déa aura 5 ans le 10 mars!! (les Lions) Madame Amélie fête son anniversaire le 14 mars!! (substitute) Madame Daphnée fête son anniversaire le 15 mars!! (les Lions) Madame Sarah fête son anniversaire le 15 mars!! (les Tigres

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