To Protect Your Family, Clean Is Crucial

Covid-19 Protocols Keep Your Child Healthy And Safe

To Protect Your Family, Clean Is Crucial

Covid-19 Protocols Keep Your Child Healthy And Safe

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Specific Schedules Limits Exposure

Other than your child’s first day, parents remain outside at pick-up and drop-off, so your child’s space stays as underexposed as possible. Each family also drops off and picks up during a specific 15-minute window.

Thorough Sanitizing Protects Your Child

Toys and tools get sanitized daily, and plush items get washed on site. “Communal” areas, like restrooms and the foyer, get sanitized after each use. High traffic spots like tricycle handles, doorknobs, etc. are also disinfected continuously, keeping flu and cold-causing germs at bay.

Regular Very Small Groups Reduce Risk

Your child stays in the same cohort throughout the day to limit exposure to others. Although your child sees fewer peers, they still get all the benefits of socialization crucial in early childhood development.

Health Screenings And Daily Symptom Tracking

Everyone who enters the preschool at drop-off gets temperatures checked, and answers simple health questions to ensure no one exhibits symptoms. This screening may be repeated throughout the day to keep track of any possible infection and quickly inform the next steps.

Air Purifiers, Plants, And Open Windows For Pure Air

Every classroom space has an air purifier to keep your child’s air free of contagions. The power of nature is also in play: open windows when the weather allows, and a surplus of air cleaning plants keep your child’s air as clean and fresh as possible, safeguarding their health.

Masks Minimize Any Cross-Contamination

The evidence is clear. Wearing a mask safeguards everyone’s health because it limits the risk of exposure to illness. State law mandated protocols like mask-wearing when indoors, keep your child’s health as safely as possible.

frequently asked questions

Parents must stay outside the building at pick up and drop off and wear a mask when outside the car.
  • In line with state law, adults and children over five must wear a mask while indoors, and outdoors when social distancing isn’t possible. 
  • Pre-K students who are five years old are exempt from this law.
Although wearing a mask is encouraged to safeguard your child’s health, it is not mandatory.

how old is your child?

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