A Summer Of The World

A Summer Filled With A Fun-Packed Schedule

A Summer Of The World

A Summer Filled With A Fun-Packed Schedule

Summer Camp Program | 5 -12 Years | Gabriel Park and Silicon Forest

A Summer Filled With A Fun-Packed Schedule

Summer is a time for fun, and your child has a schedule full of excitement and learning that gives them the best of both worlds. Give your child time with friends paired with preparation for the upcoming school year.

Plenty Of Healthy Outside Play

Children go outside for outdoor play twice a day. They become little gardeners, explore the nature around them, connect with friends, and freely move while maintaining necessary physical activity.

Delicious And Healthy Snacks Provided Daily

Your little camper gets the nutrients they need with healthy and yummy snacks provided daily. They stay fueled and happy during camp hours, and you don’t have to worry about their bellies when you drop them off.

Experienced Teachers Keep Their Brains Sharp

Teachers come equipped with experience and tons of passion. Your child continues their learning with trusted guidance so that they feel empowered and ready to advance to their next academic year. Keep them learning all summer.

A Summer Of Memory And New Friendships

Summer is the perfect time to continue old friendships and build new ones. Campers get time to play, learn, and connect with their friends in a fun and exciting environment. Make their summer memorable by letting them share it with others.

Social-Emotional Skills Help Your Child Become Better

Children don’t just cover academics during the summer. They also have an experience that helps them learn things like sharing, showing empathy, and building healthy and meaningful relationships, helping them become their best self.

The most exciting part of summer camp is the special themed activities!

Some countries we explore:

Create Movers And Shakers Inspired By Maghreb

Your child experiences the music, food, and art of the Maghreb region of Northwestern Africa. They get to drink sweet mint tea and get expressive with temporary henna tattoos. They even enjoy yummy Moroccan food!

Children Enjoy Their ‘Midsommer’ With The Vikings

Let your child travel to Medieval Scandinavia to search for long-lost Vikings! They enjoy ships, dancing, trading, and more all week long and taste salty licorice and pickled fish. A special guest comes in for arts and crafts, and they take fun field trips.

Your Child Soars Among The Clouds In The Himalayas

Children reach the very top of their imaginations with a climb up Mount Everest! Your little one gets to wear comfy clothing for a yoga lesson and go hiking. They even get to taste yummy food from a Nepalese restaurant!

Food, Culture, And Fun In The Philippines

Campers get to learn about the exciting culture of the Philippines! They know some Tagalog greetings and taste test tropical fruits and smoothies. They also get to see a presentation of Eskrima, Filipino martial arts and have a great lunch.

Travel Back In Time With Ancient Civilizations

The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans await your camper as they head south to discover ancient civilizations of South America. Children look forward to an exciting trip to the Portland Art Museum to view Aztec and Mayan art displays and learn.

Help Your Child To “Vive La France”

Children get to sing ‘Aux Champs-Elysees,’ eat lots of cheese, and celebrate France’s blue, red, and white. They enjoy a performance by a mime and visit a local lavender farm. Petite Provence for their culture lunch is delicious!

Unlock Your Child’s Seoul In South Korea

Children get to experience the country of Korea first-hand! Exciting beauty treatments, K Pop music, and yummy Korean BBQ await your little traveler. Korean snacks and fun cultural activities are a plus!

Discover A World Of Caribbean Lore And Pirates

Children stay cool with water, see what they can find on a treasure hunt, and learn about the Caribbean islands. Exciting visitors like The Reptile Man keep them engaged, and a visit to a Puerto Rican restaurant fills their bellies.


Learn About The Amazon Jungle Through Brazil

Time to trek through the Amazon to find the glorious nature of Brazil. This week, your child learns about this country located in South America, with an exciting Capoeira performance and a lesson in Jiu-Jitsu.

Explore STEAM With Ancient Egypt Lessons

Your child creates ancient Egyptian costumes, writes in hieroglyphics, learns about mummies, and builds pyramids. They have a STEAM-inspired engineer come in for a fun building project and visit exciting exhibits where they learn.

A Fun Luau Introduces The Pacific Region

Your child has more fun than they can handle at a fun luau on site. They get creative with temporary Samoan style tattoos and learn Polynesian dance steps. They even visit Portland Mad Science and visit the Oregon Zoo!

They Meet Balkan Dancers That Represent Croatia

Your child learns about the beauty and customs of this southern European country on the Adriatic sea. They get to see talented Balkan folk dancers and visit Two Brother Raika bar and grill for a delicious cultural lunch.

Learn The Mysteries Of The Great Northwest

The PNW is home to the children and filled with tons of surprises!. Children get to discover their background with the lens of an Atlas explorer. They get to know Big Foot or Sasquatch or welcome a park ranger to their territory.

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