Engaging Hearts, Equipping Minds

Full Language Immersion & Academic Excellence With Global Perspective

Engaging Hearts, Equipping Minds

Full Language Immersion & Academic Excellence With Global Perspective

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving SW Portland, SE Portland, & West Linn, OR

Atlas Health & Safety Plan

Our Covid-19 Protocols Keep Your Child Healthy & Safe

Getting On Track & Staying Ahead

In A Safe, Social, & Fun Learning Environment

Learning A New Language Through Full Immersion

Teachers speak to your child and conduct all lessons in French or Spanish. Your child’s deep dive into a complete immersion program gives them a dual language advantage, sharpens listening skills, improves memory, and even helps them with math and literacy.

Your Child Learns To See Beyond Borders

An anti-bias curriculum covers the world’s varied and beautiful cultures. Teachers nurture understanding and diversity so that children grow into conscientious people who embrace the differences that make us each unique.

Healthy, Organic Meals Fuel Busy Minds & Bodies

Your child deserves fresh, healthy food options every day. All thin-skinned produce used in delicious home-cooked meals is always organic. Organic milk and gluten- and dairy-free meal plan options, mean everyone eats according to their dietary needs.

No Cost For Essentials Like Diapers & Wipes

Tuition covers diapers and wipes, so you have one less thing to worry about or remember on busy mornings. Classrooms stay stocked with everything your child needs to be happy, healthy, cozy, and comfortable.

Prepped & Ready For Kindergarten Success

Experienced teachers and a quality curriculum fully prepare your child for kindergarten. Kids learn how to grip a pencil, write their name, follow directions, classify objects, and more, launching them into a smooth kindergarten takeoff.

Social-Emotional Skills Are Part Of Everyday Learning

Social-emotional development is as important as academics. Your child learns to name their feelings and recognize these in others. They learn social skills such as sharing and how to overcome frustration, preparing them for meaningful relationships.

Extra Enrichments Add Sparkle To Your Child’s Day

Baby signing offers a creative avenue for self-expression, and music teaches rhythm, how to count, and keeping a beat. Yoga and dance teach self-regulation and the joy of movement, strengthen muscles, and stimulate the mind-body connection. 

Exceptional Education Thanks To Quality Teachers

An expert teaching team receives ongoing annual continuing education that surpasses Oregon’s state standards for early childhood educators. This training and expertise benefit your child in incredible ways.  

The Village It Takes, Takes Everyone

An open-door policy for parents means you’re always welcome to drop in, ask questions, share concerns, or visit your child. Parent volunteers share their culture and traditions with young learners.  

A Calendar Full Of Fun & Informative Events

We believe in an “all holidays” approach rather than “no holidays,” so expect many celebrations where you can enjoy your child, meet other parents and staff, and have fun. Parent classes and a parenting library support you with new knowledge. 

Parent Communication Keeps You In Touch

Thanks to an easy-to-use parent app, you’ll receive pictures, videos, and reports on your child’s day. You’ll stay on top of milestones and their latest artistic endeavors, and bridge school learning from school to home.

Nature-Rich Experiences Await Your Child Every Day

Children go outside twice daily for 45 minutes to an hour every morning and afternoon. They tend gardens and explore the outdoors, even on gloomier days, with their rain boots, raincoats, and “muddy buddies.” 

Your Child Learns & Plays In Clean, Secure Comfort

Teachers work diligently to keep your child’s spaces clean and sanitized, and professional cleaning crews ensure germ-free environments. Secure fences, internal-use cameras, and restricted access entrances keep every location safe and sound. 

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"The teachers are very good"

Great school for my kids. They’re picking up French quickly. The teachers are very good with the kids and the kids enjoy their time.

"I feel secure"

I feel secure that whenever I leave the kids with their Atlas family, they will be safe, nurtured, and stimulated.

"We have put our trust in Atlas"

Trusting somebody else to watch and care for your most vulnerable little loved ones is a scary thing. We have put our trust in Atlas and they have never let us down.

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